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About Us

Sloan Machinery Company was started in 1941 by Abraham Sloan in Lynn, Massachusetts. At that time the company just served the Shoe Industry in the Lynn area. In the late sixties and seventies, Sylvia Sloan ran the company after Abraham's death in 1966. Then in 1974 Sylvia passed away and Sam Sloan took over the company. He concentrated the business in many other industries outside the Massachusetts area. Also selling in Canada and around the World.

Today the company concentrates its focus on the Garment Trade, Industrial Fabric Trade, Heavy Duty Sewing Industries, Footwear Industry, Leather Industry, and the Cottage Industries.

In 1999 we acquired the assets of CST (Cohen Stitching Technologies). This brought to Sloan Machinery the Cam cutting capablitlities for Bartacking Machines and also the development of Specialized Clamping for Programmable Sewing Machines.

In 2001, Directron out of the United Kingdom appointed Sloan Machinery it's agent for CNC Programmable Heavy Duty Sewing Machines.

Today Sloan Machinery Company has under one roof: Machinery, Spare Parts and a Wealth of Knowledge for all of your machining needs.

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